Looking to the future

rooted in tradition

Working with food has been a tradition in the Pan family for many generations.
Today Pan stands for innovative tradition in Alpine and Mediterranean cuisine.

A family business in its fifth generation:
left to right: Stefan Pan, Benjamin Pan, Peter Pan


A successful story since 1888

  • 1888 The family-run company is founded by Giovanni Maria Pan
    A pioneer in exports: South Tyrolean apples are exported as far as Russia and India.
  • 1967 Europe’s first frozen apple strudel
    Georg Pan comes up with a trailblazing idea: as a pioneer he uses deep freezing technology to guarantee the freshness of his apple strudels.
  • 2004 Pan USA Inc. NY is founded
    We are now local for our American customers.
  • 2009 Pan Food Schweiz AG founded in Goldach
    Switzerland is developing into a strategic market that is now being served locally.

Dates & facts

35 km of strudel

are produced in all shapes and flavours every day at our factory in Leifers.


6,000 tons of apples

We peel 6,000 tonnes of fresh apples per year.


500,000 puff pastry snacks

can be produced every day as canapés and mini pizzas.


75% export rate

From South Tyrol around the world: we export worldwide.

Vision & Mission


We want to excite people with the best of the Alpine and Mediterranean Cuisine. As family-run company we create sustainable values.



Tradition is innovation that has consolidated over time. Our specialties of the Alpine and Mediterranean Cuisine are inspired by this innovative tradition - the essential ingredient of our products. This is what our brand stands for.


Deep-Freezing preserves the quality and freshness of our products.

We focus on the people who work with us – curious and open-minded. They work in a team and take responsibility. Their enthusiasm is catching, both in-house and outside – resulting in excellence in all our products and processes, our customer understanding and in relation to the environment we live in. Our day-to-day work focuses on our customers. The relationship with our customers is always and systematically based on mutual trust, experience and active dialogue.

Quality & Sustainability

Since the very beginning Pan inspires through tradition and constantly developing it further: technological progress in the production process is integrated into our innovation processes as well as input and feedback from our customers.

At the same time we always stick to what is important: top quality ingredientsnatural and authentic recipesrespect towards people and resources, awareness for the environment and sustainability of raw materials.

  • Apples from sustainable production in accordance with Global G.A.P. 
  • Use of sustainably produced palm oil, certified in accordance with RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil).
  • 100% of our power consumption is covered by renewable energies at our production site in South Tyrol.
  • FSC – we are in the process of changing all our packaging to FSC certified materials. The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) promotes responsible forest management.


Corporate policy and the Pan code of conduct

    Our corporate policy is based on ethics and respect for our employees, a commitment to active environmental protection and guaranteed occupational safety.

    We are committed to complying with these principles and also require this from our employees and suppliers. Our relationships are characterised by the utmost mutual trust.


    The company result is the sum of us all working successfully together.
    To the Code of Conduct.
    Please get in touch with your Pan contact if you have any questions.


    Delicious. Authentic. Traditional.

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