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All our sweet and savoury frozen products are made with passion with highly selected ingredients, due to over 50 years of experience and knowledge.
Here is a selection of our assortment and recipes which we can offer for your private label or promotional items.
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A culinary journey wrapped in delicate puff pastry


» Oven-fresh puff pastry pockets, variegated recipes, colourful and tasty - easy and quick to prepare!
» Crispy and delicate dough filled with juicy fillings such as Tuna, Avocado-Edamame, Pumpkin-Cheese and many others

» As a delicious warm meal or as a snack in between
» Personalized recipe and toppings on request
» 250g or 300g, ready to bake, deep frozen



High quality snacks all over the day


» Puff pastry bites with different hearty fillings: Olives, Pepper, Spinach, Tomato, Cheese, Rosemary, Sausage, Bacon, Ham
» Different flavours and sizes available
» Made with delicate and golden-shining puff pastry
» Ready to bake, deep frozen


» With Mozzarella Cheese and mediterranean flavoured tomato sauce
» Mini crispy puff pastry pizza bites of approx. 23g
» Ideal as appetizer or fingerfood in perfect Italian style
» Ready to bake, deep frozen
» Different bag sizes available


» Sauerkraut bites of approx. 50g, with delicious cabbage filling, wrapped in crispy puff pastry
» Refined with crispy and spicy crumble for even more crunchiness

» Ready in a few minutes
» 400g, ready to bake, deep frozen


Pastries & Desserts

APPLE STRUDEL in puff pastry

» With freshly peeled pieces apples from sustainable production
» Refined in taste with raisins and cinnamon

» Wrapped in delicate and crunchy puff pastry
» Available in different sizes - personalized recipe on request!

APPLE STRUDEL SLICES in pulled dough

» Already baked apple strudel slices with freshly peeled apples slices from sustainable production
» Filling refined with raisins and a hint of cinnamon and sugar
» High fruit content

» Wrapped in thin pastry
» Quick and easy to prepare
» Available in different sizes - personalized recipe on request!


» Puff pastry strudel with various fillings as a complement to the classic apple strudel
» We develop customized recipes, according to the needs of your market. Contact us!
» There are (almost) no limits of possibilities: Fruit Strudel, Sweet Cheese Strudel or Double Flavour Strudel
» 500/600g, ready to bake, deep frozen


» Traditional sweet dish from the alpine cuisine
» Made from a sweet vanilla flavoured batter using flour, eggs, milk, sugar, and raisins
» E​​​specially fluffy
» Available with or without raisins, or in organic quality
» Easy preparation in the frying pan
» 400g, already baked and rustically splitted, deep frozen


» Already baked apple fritters made with juicy apple rings and covered with golden batter
» Classic dessert of the alpine cuisine, made of fresh apples from sustainable production
» Traditional golden look
» Fluffy inside, crispy outside
» Simple and quick preparation
» 400g, already baked, deep frozen


» Sweet snack made of delicate puff pastry with cream cheese and popular fruit varieties
» Crispy sugar crust
» From breakfast to midnight - take your sweet moment whenever you want!
» Different flavours available: Cream Cheese & Fruit, Cream Cheese & Cocoa Creme, Cinnamon & Apple
» 300g, ready to bake, deep frozen


Dough in top form


» Puff pastry sheets, raw and rolled out dough, folded
» For savoury and sweet recipes
» Fantastically simple - simply fantastic: thaw and get started!
» GMO free
» 2 flaky and crispy sheets/box
» 500g, ready to bake, deep frozen


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