Pan Strudel

Our strudel bakery is in the heart of South Tyrol, the country with strudel tradition. Our secret is the delicate, fine taste, which derives from the naturalness of our ingredients. Exactly as in former times, we wrap fresh apples, raisins, sugar and cinnamon in the finest puff pastry without any thickeners or flavourings.

Cooking instructions:
Prepare the product deep-frozen.

Brush the deep-frozen strudel with milk or whipped egg yolk and bake the deepfrozen strudel on a baking tray (please use baking paper) in a preheated oven. When baked sprinkle with icing sugar and serve warm.





220°C 25 min

220°C 45 min

Fan assisted oven

200°C 25 min

200°C 45 min

Combinated oven

180-190°C 20-25 min
40% humidity

180°C ca. 30 min
60% humidity

Serving suggestion:
Serve the warm Strudel with vanilla ice-cream.


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