Pan Strudel

A Strudel rich in fresh apples (about 65% filling), sultana raisins, sugar and cinnamon, wrapped in a thinly, rolled-out pastry case (about 25%) poor in fat. No preservatives, no added aromas or thickening agents.

The Strudel is also avaiable already baked and divided in portions.

Cooking instructions:
Prepare the product deep-frozen.

Brush the deep-frozen strudel with milk or whipped egg yolk and bake the deepfrozen strudel on a baking tray (please use baking paper) in a preheated oven. When baked sprinkle with icing sugar and serve warm.
Attention: Baking time may vary in relation with oven model.






220°C ca. 30 min

220°C 40-45 min

220°C 30-35 min

Fan assisted oven

200°C ca. 30 min

200°C 40-45 min

200°C 30-35 min

Our tip:
After baking cut the Strudel in slices and serve warm.

Serving suggestion:
Serve the warm Strudel with vanilla ice-cream.


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