Pan Strudel


Juicy apple rings wrapped in a fine beer dough.
Ready to be eaten, loved especially by children, with a particularly high fruit-share - a delight when served lukewarm with vanilla and cinnamon-icecream or as a side-dish with cranberries and wild game recipes.

Cooking instructions:
Place the frozen apple fritters on a baking grid (please use baking paper) and bake in a preheated oven at 200°C/390°F approximately 8-9 minutes.
Microwave (600W): Bake 3 fritters for about 1,5 minutes. Pan: Deep fry 3 apple-fritters for approx. 2 minutes in a pan filled with oil at 180-185°C (356-365°F).

Sprinkle with icing sugar or sugar and cinnamon and serve warm.

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