Pan Strudel

"Kaiserschmarrn soufflé", shredded pancake with sugar and raisins, with beaten white egg and sultana raisins.
Natural taste of the best ingredients.
Quick, easy and varied preparation (Microwave, Combinated oven, Pan or Oven).
Unique in visual impression and taste.

Cooking instructions:
Remove packaging and prepare the deep-frozen Kaiserschmarrn in the following ways:
Combinated oven: at 140°C, combinated heat and 80% humidity, for 5-7 minutes.
Microwave: heat up one portion covered at 1800W for 90 seconds or at 900W for 190 seconds.
Oven: On a covered baking tray at 120-130°C for ca. 30 minutes.

Our tip:
Heat up the defrosted Kaiserschmarrn in a frying pan in melted butter at moderate heat.
Caramelize the heated up Kaiserschmarrn with butter and sugar, sprinkle with icing sugar and serve with cranberry jam, apple purée or stewed fruit.

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